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2017-06-16 via reddit.com
Recommendations for good Golang projects to learn from?  [www.reddit.com]
2017-06-16 via reddit.com
Open source DNS Resolver written in Golang: NSnitch - Find out which name servers are snitching on you.  [www.reddit.com]
2017-06-15 via b.hatena.ne.jp
Go 1.9 Release Notes - The Go Programming Language  [tip.golang.org]
2017/06/15 DRAFT RELEASE NOTES - Introduction to Go 1.9 Go 1.9 is not yet released. These are work-in-progress
2017-06-15 via reddit.com
Windows sudo command written in golang  [github.com]
2017-06-15 via reddit.com
Network Protocol Breakdown: Ethernet and Go  [medium.com]

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