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2017-06-17 via b.hatena.ne.jp
Reconfigure.io - Program FPGAs with Go  [reconfigure.io]
2017/06/14 Reconfigure.io brings the power of hardware-acceleration technology to the cloud ecosystemProgram FPGAs with Go Reconfigure.io brings the power of hardware-acceleration technology...
2017-06-17 via reddit.com
Anyone using Atom.io as editor for Go and find it constantly crashing?  [www.reddit.com]
2017-06-17 via reddit.com
Should I 100% of the time avoid data races in my app?  [www.reddit.com]
2017-06-17 via b.hatena.ne.jp
ぼくのかんがえたさいきょうのcontext対応版go-mysql-driverをマージしてもらった - Shogo's Blog  [shogo82148.github.io]
2017/06/16 go -sql-driver に context.Context 対応するプルリクエスト go -sql-driver/mysql#608
2017-06-16 via stackoverflow.com
Gopath environment errors  [stackoverflow.com]
2017-06-16 via reddit.com
github.com/kataras/iris was bought  [www.reddit.com]

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