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2017-10-11 via reddit.com
A fix for when Golang "dep" modifies files' line endings  [blog.thecodeteam.com]
2017-10-11 via reddit.com
Litter, a Go pretty printer for use in tests, logs and debugging  [github.com]
2017-10-10 via b.hatena.ne.jp
Goのサーバサイド実装におけるレイヤ設計とレイヤ内実装について考える - pospomeのプログラミング日記  [pospome.hatenablog.com]
2017-10-10 via stackoverflow.com
socket.io client using Go  [stackoverflow.com]
2017-10-10 via stackoverflow.com
How to use Golang custom scanner string literals and expand memory to load entire file into memory?  [stackoverflow.com]
2017-10-10 via qiita.com
Glide から dep に移行せよ  [qiita.com]
久しぶりに [glide] を使おうと最新版([0.13.0](https://github.com/Masterminds/glide/releases/tag/v0.13.0 "Release Release 0.13.0 · Masterminds/glide"))を見に行ったら “Consider switching to [dep]” とか書いてあるじゃないですか。 > Glide is used by a great number of projects and will continue to get support for some time. But, the near future is likely in dep.

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