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2018-04-14 via b.hatena.ne.jp
Goby: Rubyライクな言語(2)Goby言語の全貌を一発で理解できる解説スライドを公開しました!  [techracho.bpsinc.jp]
2018-04-14 via reddit.com
Monitor your Go AWS Lambda functions with Thundra  [github.com]
2018-04-14 via reddit.com
Why Go Is Successful (aka Simplicity is Complicated)  [www.youtube.com]
2018-04-14 via reddit.com
Introduction to Go Youtube Playlist A+ Content  [www.youtube.com]
2018-04-14 via reddit.com
Learn Go with tests - Concurrency  [quii.gitbook.io]
2018-04-13 via reddit.com
Gotenberg, a stateless API for converting Markdown files, HTML files and Office documents to PDF  [thecodingmachine.io]

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