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2019-05-09 via reddit.com
Better Go error handling: A peek at the xerrors package for Go  [medium.com]
2019-05-09 via qiita.com
Nuxt.js(Vue.js)とGoでSPA + API(レイヤードアーキテクチャ)でチャットアプリを実装してみた  [qiita.com]
2019-05-09 via reddit.com
faiface/gui - I listened to your criticism. Will you give it another shot?  [www.reddit.com]
2019-05-09 via reddit.com
Go is on a trajectory to become the next enterprise programming language  [hackernoon.com]
2019-05-09 via stackoverflow.com
ERROR: (gcloud.app.deploy) INVALID_ARGUMENT: unable to resolve source  [stackoverflow.com]
2019-05-09 via reddit.com
rqlite, the lightweight distributed database built on SQLite and written in Go, v4.5.0 released  [github.com]

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